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ladyphoenix9 in webkinz

Arte's Gem Hunt

Key to the Gem list: Gem Name - Mines Discovered - High/Low Prices - Description
High End prices include Gem of the Day finds, which are about double the "average" price.

The Gem List

White Gems
Webkinz Diamond - BB - $350-1000: The most rare and valuable of all gems in Webkinz World for its exquisiteness and shape.
Unicorn Horn - BB, MM - $15(overstocked?) $75-300: An uncommon gem of unique beauty for its color and shape similar to Webkinz World's most mystical pet.
Yum Zum Sparkle - BB, MM - $75-300: An amazing uncommon gem whose sparkle is as dazzling as its spikes!
Zingoz Zincoz - BB, FF, HH - $2 (overstocked) $10-40: A common gem with a dull shine and mixed color.
Booger Nugget - BB, HH, FF - $ 2 (overstocked) $10-40: The most common pickings of the Webkinz World gems.
Goober Glitter - BB, HH, FF - $10-40: A common gem whose glitter is greater than its goods.

Yellow Gems
Corona Topaz - BM - $195 (overstocked) $255-360: The least valuable of rare gems, this haunting halo of hues will still inspire any collector.
Aurora Rox - BM, BB - $23 (overstocked), $124-450: The most valuable of uncommon gems, distinct for its linked-sphere shape.
Pyramid Plunder - BB, BM - $113-450: Another of the most valuable uncommon gems, reminiscent in shape to an Egyptian pyramid.
Starlight Shimmer - FF, MM, BM - $24-80: You'll be a star for finding this common gem with its sumptuous yellow shimmer.
Lemon Drop - MM, BM, FF - $20-80: Don't let this common gem's shape sour you on pursuing it for your collection.
Carat Eclipse - FF, MM, BM - $20-48: Although common, there are few gems which can eclipse its quality.

Green Gems
Earth Emerald - FF - $221-800: Mid-range value as a rare gem, but certainly not in its spectacular beauty.
Moss Marble - FF, HH - $100-200: An uncommon gem not to be toyed with for its virulent value.
Cat's Eye Glint - HH, FF - $120-400: Any collector with an eye for uncommon gems will appreciate this unique sparkling sight.
Jaded Envy - BB, FF, BM - $3 (overstocked?) $15-36: Sometimes even the most common of gems can still generate some juicy jealousy.
Pearl Egg - BB, FF, BM - $3 (overstocked) $15-30: Hatched from the earth itself, this common gem will nest perfectly in your collection.
Terra Tectonic - BB, FF, BM - $3 (overstocked) $15-60: This chunk of green glitter may be of lower value for common gems, but it's still a stunner.

Blue Gems
Ocean Sapphire - HH - $175 (overstocked) $298-700: A blue as deep as the ocean itself, this rare beauty is a must-have gem.
Teardrop Tower - BM, HH - $18-88 (overstocked) $97-350: Like tears from the earth, you'll want to cry once you have this uncommon gem in your collection.
Sea Stone - HH, BM - $18 (overstocked) $88-350: You won't be able to clam up once you discover the splendor of this uncommon gem.
Rainbow Flower - BB, HH, MM - $25-100: A virtual rainbow caught in this valuable sky-blue common gem.
River Ripple - BB, MM, HH - $5 (overstocked) $25-60: Get caught up in this common gem's current of beautiful blue waves.
Aqua Orb - BB, HH, MM - $28-100: You'll soon get around to appreciating the beauty of this common valuable gem.

Red Gems
Red Ruby Heart - MM - $383-900: A highly valuable gem of bold red shape and color.
Ember Amber - MM, FF - $13 (overstocked) $69-125: Of low value for uncommon gems, but still gorgeous with the golden-red glow of sunset sap.
Volcano Viscose - MM, FF - $13 (overstocked) $75-150: The least valuable of the uncommon gems, yet its red radiance looks like living lava itself.
Flare Fyca - HH, BM, MM - $30-120: The most valuable of the common gems, its flame-like color will put a glint in the eye of any collector.
Torch Treasure - BM, MM, HH - $6 (overstocked) $39-72: One of the most valuable of the common gems with a sparkle to light up any collection.
Lava Lump - MM, HH, BM - $30-60: Another of the most valuable common gems, a dark outer shell can't contain the red glow beneath.


The Mine List

Buried Bones
White Gems: Webkinz Diamond, Unicorn Horn, Yum Zum Sparkle, Zingoz Zincoz, Goober Glitter, Booger Nugget
Yellow Gems: Aurora Rox, Pyramid Plunder, Lemon Drop, Carat Eclipse
Green Gems: Cat's Eye Glint, Pearl Egg, Terra Tectonic, Jaded Envy
Blue Gems: River Ripple, Aqua Orb, Rainbow Flower
Red Gems:

Howling Horse
White Gems: Booger Nugget, Goober Glitter, Zingoz Zincoz
Yellow Gems:
Green Gems: Cat's Eye Glint, Moss Marble
Blue Gems: Ocean Sapphire, Sea Stone, Teardrop Tower, Rainbow Flower, Aqua Orb
Red Gems: Flare Fyca, Lava Lump

Flea Floater
White Gems: Booger Nugget, Goober Glitter, Zingoz Zincoz
Yellow Gems: Carat Eclipse, Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop
Green Gems: Earth Emerald, Moss Marble, Pearl Egg, Cat's Eye Glint, Terra Tectonic, Jaded Envy
Blue Gems:
Red Gems: Ember Amber, Volcano Viscose

Muzzle Mouth:
White Gems: Yum Zum Sparkle, Unicorn Horn
Yellow Gems: Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop, Carat Eclipse
Green Gems:
Blue Gems: River Ripple, Rainbow Flower, Aqua Orb
Red Gems: Red Ruby Heart, Volcano Viscose, Flare Fyca, Lava Lump, Ember Amber

Barking Mad
White Gems:
Yellow Gems: Corona Topaz, Aurora Rox, Pyramid Plunder, Starlight Shimmer, Carat Eclipse, Lemon Drop
Green Gems: Terra Tectonic, Pearl Egg, Jaded Envy
Blue Gems: Teardrop Tower, Sea Stone
Red Gems: Flare Fyca, Torch Treasure, Lava Lump


Simplified gem color/mine locations, as provided by 2somebodysmom

White bb: level 2 bb/mm; level 3 bb/hh/ff
Green ff: level 2 ff/hh; level 3 ff/bb/bm
Yellow bm: level 2 bm/bb; level 3 bm/ff/mm
Blue hh: level 2 hh/bm; level 3 hh/bb/mm
Red mm: level 2 mm/ff; level 3 mm/bm/hh


Gem Hunt FAQ

Questions asked in the comments section may end up here. Keep on asking. ^_~

1. Where did you get this info?

I gathered and compiled all of this information myself, with significant help from 2somebodysmom and the rest of the LJ community. I asked the community to visit certain mines to help gather the info, and I have kept the list up to date. If you have a correction, please leave me a comment!

2. How are your price lists set up?

The gem list is set up with the range of prices Arte may offer -- if you get a price outside this list, let me know in a comment and I will update it. Overstocked prices are drastically lower than even the lowest offered prices. Arte will say, "Oh no, not another one! I've got more of these than Webkinz have fur!" on a really bad day. You may also hear him say, "I usually snap these up, but I got a whole bunch yesterday. Here's what I can offer you." These are the times when you keep that gem for your collection. When you find the Gem of the Day, Arte will congratulate you with, "Congratulations! You found the gem of the day. I could really use one of those," and offer you about double the normal price. GotD prices are the high end mark in the price list.

I am always, always keeping track of my gem finds, but I only have one account, so I rely on the help of the community to keep me abreast of the latest developments.

3. What are those initials like bb/hh/ff?

The abbreviations:
BB: Buried Bones mine (top left corner, black interior)
BM: Barking Mad (bottom right, yellow interior)
FF: Flea Floater (middle, green interior)
HH: Howling Horse (middle bottom, blue interior)
MM: Muzzle Mouth (top right, red interior)

4. And what are the levels?

When you open up your little mine chest at the Curio Shop or in your room, you'll see the gems are arranged in a pyramid. The first level is the "big rare" at the top of the pyramid -- Webkinz Diamond, Earth Emerald, Red Ruby Heart, Ocean Sapphire, and Corona Topaz.

The second level is the Unicorn Horn, Yum Zum Sparkle, etc. through the other colors in the middle of the pyramid. These are "uncommon" gems.

The third level are the "common" gems, like Booger Nuggets, Goober Glitters, and Zingoz Zincoz. You can find them in up to three different mines, and don't sell for much.

5. Is this a method of finding gems or just a list of what's out there and what mine they might be in?

From what I've gathered from other people with multiple accounts who can test this, the gem locations move around inside the mine, even on a daily basis. There is no surefire way to guarantee a gem, even of the color you're looking for. The best we can do is make a list of where you *might* find the gem. It's really luck-dependent on what you find in the mine.

6. The best idea seems to be to stick to one mine until you find all gems listed for THAT mine and then move on to the next, right?

Not necessarily. The only gems you have to concentrate on one mine for are the top ones: Webkinz Diamond is only in Buried Bones, for example, but while you're looking for that one, you might get an Aurora Rox and Pyramid Plunder, too. You'll probably have one or two gems you just can't seem to find, and that's really when the list comes in handy.

People also say anecdotally you get more slag when you stick to just one mine for weeks on end. I've seen it happen, too, but whether this was intentional programming or just bad luck, I can't say.

7. Don't they have times like the rare items?

People who have multiple accounts have confirmed the placement of the gems is random, even within the same hour. They don't come in any predictable location. Sorry we can't help any more than this. We know which mine to look in, but not precisely where inside the mine, if that makes sense.

Edit: Last update 8/24/08. Keep on contributing, especially overstocked and Gem of the Day prices!


I stand by my theory that top gems are found in the home mine only; level 2 gems are found in the home and one other mine, and level 3 gems are found in the home and two other mines. My list is as follows:

White bb: level 2 bb/mm; level 3 bb/hh/ff
Green ff: level 2 ff/hh; level 3 ff/bb/bm
Yellow bm: level 2 bm/bb; level 3 bm/ff/mm
Blue hh: level 2 hh/bm; level 3 hh/bb/mm
Red mm: level 2 mm/ff; level 3 mm/bm/hh

To anyone new to this thread, my daughter was one of the first 30 or so to earn the crown, using ladyphoenix9's info along with the info I collected and contributed to ladyphoenix9. Take it and run with it!

(edited out extraneous info from my 11-11-2006 post)